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The Bluebell Centre provides insightful mentoring with roots in spirituality.

There is no dogma or associated religious tradition.

It is for those who are aware or have the desire of being on a path, whichever or wherever doesn’t matter. It’s about walking together.

We strongly believe that our services should be Truthful, Non-judgemental Compassionate and Accessible.

We have long term and short term clients from all over our planet.

Appointments can be either face to face or digitally.

We offer One Off Appointments tailored to your specific needs. Regular Mentoring Sessions, Spiritual Discussion, and Reiki Tuition (Certified Traditional Usui).


FOR ANY QUERIES PLEASE CONTACT US AT info@bluebellcentre.co.uk

My name is Adam Oak I run the Bluebell Centre, its not a centre in the physical sense, allow me to explain.

My whole life I had been very aware that there was more to life than the face value I had been presented with throughout my school-life and the years following, however exploring feelings, senses, intuition wasn’t really in line with my lifestyle, I held onto my interest in philosophy but it wasn’t ever really at the forefront of the persona I presented to the world. (that persona is a whole other story!). In short, I was denying what was going on internally and over years of denial it got buried into my deep sub conscious. Any pain, suffering or other turmoil was deeply suppressed, ignored and buried down with the other vulnerable aspects of myself. (…..and there were plenty). The door kept getting knocked on but I didn’t notice

Seven years ago a yet another family member became incredibly ill, this was on the back of some hard times of loss. This time the door was knocked on so hard that it opened slightly. Enough for some light to shine through. Had I seen the light? It didn’t feel that way, but it did turn my attention to removing some of the untruth I had created for myself and it turned my attention to, what were for me, important truths that had been right under my nose all the time that yet I hadn’t really noticed. Yet strangely they were very well known and familiar.

After some time of absorption, study and integration, I  decided that I wanted to share my experiences, knowledge gained about myself and the wealth that came from my journey to that point. I decided to do that by creating an organisation that could envelop or umbrella myself and others looking for somewhere to be of service. The Idea to create a centre was born. I didn’t (still don’t) have specific premises, but rent space when needed, which gave great flexibility to try different places and meet new people. It has been a journey, a glorious one with so many friends made along the way,  with so much practice, studying and contemplation it has been a pleasure. Since that initial thought the centre has evolved through necessity to become this which it is today.

Today I offer certified mentoring, insight, Meditation and the teaching of Traditional Usui Reiki. I also facilitate discussion and/or Meditation groups.

I can be contacted directly at adam@bluebellcentre.co.uk and I’d love to hear from you.